Season 1 Prelude

Episode Synopsis by Session

Haven. That is what the other ‘recruits’ call it. Brought here by the being called Q, to fight against some vague enemy. A place to recover, gather intelligence, see friends. To heal and process what one has seen and been through. Somewhere to repair gear, and share intel.

You’ve seen the evidence. Realities destroyed, one by one. First, the invasion by some ally of The Enemy, who always is more powerful than the natives. Then the added addition of forces from additional realities – Force Users, Biotics, Wizards, Robots…whatever needs to be added to ensure victory over the selected world, almost always Earth.

And then the placement of an artifact. Something from outside reality. Angles that should not be, colors that cannot exists, tentacles and eyes and smells all reaching out, burning through the world that is conquered, until it explodes, tearing a hole in reality, and then nothing. That reality, worlds, galaxies, and everything on and between, gone.

And that is why you are here, in Haven. Not because Q chose you, but because it needs to be done, and you, like the others chosen, are the only ones who can do it. The goal, discover who your Enemy truly is and defeat them once and for all. To stop the destruction.

Season 1 Prelude

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