Character Creation

Character Creation

Champions of Light utilizes the FATE Accelerated rules, as published by Evil Hat Inc. Fate Accelerated is a tabletop roleplaying game, where you and your friends gather around and tell stories full of danger, excitement, and adventure. Additional information can be found at the FATE Roleplaying Game SRD. All Magical Abilities/powers will be based on the magic rules for Dresden Files Accelerated)

The rules for Character Creation were inspired by the ones created on HumAnnoyd’s Mass Effect Accelerated Site here on Obsidian Portal and the Character Creation Rules for Dresden Files Accelerated

It is important to note that characters for Champions of Light, as hinted in the campaign Primer, are the Heroes of the Multiverse. What this means in game terms, is that rather than original creations, players will be playing famous characters from Television (such as Captain James T. Kirk, Jack Bauer, She-Ra), Books (such as Harry Dresden, Aragorn son of Arathorn, Hermione Granger), Video Games (such as Lara Croft, Uther Lightbringer, Duke Nukem), Comic Books (such as Supergirl, Spider Man, Wolverine), Movies (such as Luke Skywalker, Robocop, James Bond), radio programs (such as The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, Flash Gordon), etc (Like shown in the Banner above, though not necessarily all female).

As this game will be run on Roll20, Character sheets should be maintained both on the Roll20 page for the campaign AND here on Obsidian Portal as well


Select a Race and a Mantle, adding the Aspect Word from each to their High Concept (see below) and adding the approaches offered under each. Select a free Stunt from Species, your Mantle’s Core Sunts and then create a unique stunt for the character.

  1. Make note of the Species Power Facts
  2. Choose your Mantle. Add its Aspect to your High Concept and its approaches bonuses to your approaches
  3. Add two aspects that fleshes out your character.
  4. Take 3 additional points of Approaches, with no single approach rising above Good (+3).
  5. Add all Unique Conditiions from your Mantle to your Character
  6. Add a stress track with six boxes, each box absorbing 1-shift of stress.
  7. Take 4 REFRESH, per your GM.
  8. Players may deduct from their initial REFRESH total to have additional stunts, but they must always have at least 1 REFRESH



Perhaps the most important aspect will include the character’s Class and their Species. It is the character’s job, his life, his calling and his obligations. It should speak to the very core of the character on a fundamental level and provide both positives and negatives to the character.


This should be the driving influence of the character that forces him to go out and face off against impossible odds. It can be either internal or external


What universe, planet, region, culture are you from? What were your family circumstances like? What’s your relationship with your family? How were you educated? What were your friends like? Did you get into trouble much? If you have any special ab ilities (Force powers, magic, biotics, etc), how early did you learn this? Were there problems?


What was your first adventure? Choose a story title and an aspect to reflect the events of your initial trial by fire. Also pick one other player to be a guest star in the story. A


In this phase, you tie the group together by having each character contribute a minor, supporting role in another character’s first adventure. Choose an aspect to reflect the role you played in this story.



An action that draws attention to you, replete with style and panache.


Time-consuming action in which close attention is paid to detail so the task is properly executed the first time.


A display of brute strength versus subtlety.


An effort focusing on misdirection, stealth, and deceit.


A dexterous movement with alacrity.


Quick thinking, the solving of complex problems, or accounting for various variables at once.

Like any other Fate Accelerated game, your aspects establish facts. You define your species’ abilities by writing down these facts ahead of time. These facts are an enumerated list of narrative permissions conveyed by one or more of these aspects. Your list of species facts should have 3 to 5 items. Each species will also have a number of stunts that are available to the character and they can select one of them for free. The others may be picked up by the player by spending refresh. Species will be created on an as needed basis.

Select a mantle and record Unique Conditions and Core Stunts it provides, adding it to any from the chosen Species. Additional stunts may be chosen by spending REFRESH.

A mantle is an organized set of related stunts and conditions reflecting how its possessor leverages their power in the world. At character creation, each player gains access to their selected mantle’s conditions and core stunts. Additional stunts are acquired by spending refresh granted at character creation or through advancement. Mantles in Champions of Light will be created on an as needed basis to supplement those found in the Dresden Files Accelerated Rules.

Character Creation

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