Basic Rules


Champions of Light utilizes the Fate Accelerated rules, supplemented by the Dresden Files Accelerated ruleset, both developed by Evil Hat Productions. Fate Accelerated Edition is a tabletop roleplaying game, where you and your friends gather around and tell stories full of danger, excitement, and adventure. The campaign, as described in the Primer, takes place across the multiverse, and in the pocket dimension known as Haven.

Here’s what you’ll need to play:

  1. Players: Players will play the game via Roll20 and Discord (in the event that Roll20’s voice client not working for everyone). It is requested all players sign into Roll20, Obisidian Portal (this site specifically), and Discord (if needed), 15 minutes before campaign start.
  2. Characters: Each Players character will be created as per the rules on this site, prior to the first game session. No Original Characters are allowed for Champions, but instead, established characters from existing properties should be created.
  3. Fate Dice: These are a special kind of six-sided dice that are marked on two sides with a plus symbol, two sides with a minus symbol, and two sides are blank. All Dice Rolls will be performed on the Roll20 site using the provided Macro.
  4. Character sheets: All Character sheets are required to be maintained BOTH on Roll20 and on this Obsidian Portal site. This will be enforced. If an aspect, stunt, power, etc. is not to be found on both character sheets, it will not be allowed in game play until the next session (assuming the appropriate sheets have been updated). It is the responsibility of the player to maintain their character sheets and keep them up to date for the GM to reference.
  5. Fate Points: These will be maintained on Roll20. Fate Points will be tracked both on individual Character Tokens and with the tokens the GM< gives out on the Player Field. Players are responsible to subtracting or adding points to their tokens, as well as spending ‘chips’ from the Player Map. The GM is respnosible for adding any new tokens to a Character in the Player Map when added.

FAE is all about telling stories. You create a group of characters and follow them through some imaginary adventure that you all take turns telling little parts of. All the people at the table, GM and players alike, are responsible for telling the story. When you make a decision for your character (or for one of the NPCs, if you’re the GM), think about two things.

First, put yourself in your character’s shoes and think hard about what they would do—even if it’s not the best idea. If you’re playing a character that sometimes makes poor decisions, don’t be afraid to make a poor decision for them on purpose.

Second—and this is really important—think about the story that’s being told. Think about the choice that would make that story even better: more interesting, more exciting, funnier. Would a certain choice give another player’s character a chance to be awesome? Strongly consider making that choice.

That’s how you tell great stories together—by not being afraid for your character to make mistakes, and by making choices that make the story more interesting for everyone at the table—not just you.

And that’s the very basics of the system. For more information , look over the FAE SRD Linked above.

Basic Rules

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