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Champions of Light is a FATE Accelerated Campaign setting with rules supplemented by the Dresden Files Accelerated and Jadepunk rule sets as well as some of the creative minds on Obsidian Portal. The campaign revolves around some of the greatest heroes of the multiverse being chosen to stop an evil which is destroying realities and is played on Roll20. Special thanks goes out to HumAnnoyd for his generosity in letting me borrow from his character creations system.


To the Obsidian Portal Community for all their help and inspiration – Especially Wolfhound, Thorvaldr, PhoenixMark, ImmortalDM, TolsimirWolfblood, HumAnnoyd, Basileus, and KillerVP. And to the Roll20 Community, for making a Johnny Come LAtely feel welcome when the Lock Down Situation forced me to move my Live campaign to Virtual ASAP.

Champions of Light

Champions banner Elvathadrin